Sam is an experienced workshop facilitator.  His workshops are always engaging, practical and fun.  He is flexible and uses his extensive experience to tailor the content and level of the workshop to fit the needs of the participants. Sam is at home delivering workshops on singing, song writing, conducting, band skills, performance practice and presentation skills.

He has led workshops in schools, prisons, fields, theatres, churches and even impromptu workshops during days presenting for Music for Youth in Symphony Hall!

Sam is at home working with a wide range of participants, from Early Years children right through the formal education system to University level.  Outside of the formal education sector, Sam has worked in prisons, with adults in the community, with children and young people in out of school, informal settings.  He works regularly with Accessible Arts and Media, conducting two singing and signing choirs and running workshops with adults and young people with additional needs.   

“… a treat to have around, easy with the students, authoritative without being overbearing and full of invention.”  Richard Stilgoe

“Sam Dunkley has worked for Yorkshire Youth & Music for over four years; he’s an excellent musician with a wide range of skills, and is creative and adaptable to any situation. He has worked for us as a workshop leader with children and young people, and as a trainer and coach for teachers and music leaders. He’s professional in approach and has high standards, whilst making learning experiences enjoyable and imaginative. He has expectations of the children and young people he works with, and can work with a wide range of children and young people, from Early Years to Key Stage 5, and has worked on both short and long term projects. He can be light-hearted and fun, but he also gets good results through high quality leadership and dedication.’  Gail Dudson, Director of Yorkshire Youth and Music.”